WRT Equipment Ltd.

Portable Asphalt Drum Mixers

The WRT Asphalt Drum Mixer is the result of over forty years of engineering and manufacturing know-how. WRT has worked closely with its customers to refine WRT drum mixers for years of trouble-free operation. Standard equipment includes case-hardened trunnions mounted in heavy duty bearing with forged drum tires. Drum drive can be either cradle chain drive or four-point trunnion drive. Oversized drive motors and gear reducers ensure many years of service.

WRT sizes and rates its drum mixers for lower exhaust gas velocities. Other manufacturers may offer a smaller diameter drum to produce the same capacity as a larger WRT drum; whereby, they bolt a large burner onto a smaller drum. This results in much higher and damaging airflow/exhaust gas velocity in the drum. As a consequence, more, and larger particles as well as dust will be entrained and end up sand blasting the ductwork and baghouse bags. With over 1000’ per minute you can expect to pick up 3/16” diameter stone pieces. Your baghouse would be overloaded with dust and your carefully weighed aggregate quantities will undoubtedly be inaccurate. WRT drums are designed with excess capacity so that you can hit your targets even in the toughest conditions.

For Canadian applications, WRT provides burners and fuel trains complete with required CSA modifications.

The drum mixer is the heart of your operation and not the place to skimp on quality and performance. WRT can help you choose the right drum mixer to suit your individual requirements.


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  • Wide flange beam chassis
  • Tandem or triple axle
  • Air ride or spring style suspension and 11R22.5 radial tires
  • Transportation package complete with air brakes, travel lights, mud flaps, fifth wheel kingpin and trailer landing legs
  • Electrical cable storage

Slinger Conveyor:

  • 18” to 36" wide slinger conveyor that feeds drum mixer
  • Rubber disc return roller
  • Electric motor drive or motorized rubber lagged drive pulley
  • Drum style discharge pulley
  • Screw type take-up
  • Two ply belting with 3/16" x 1/16" covers
  • Vulcanized belt splice
  • Reversible for plant calibration
  • Appropriate guarding

Mixing Drum:

  • Refer to chart for dimensions, capacities and models
  • Case-hardened steel trunnions
  • Abrasion-resistant steel scrapers
  • Trunnion drives complete with shaft mount reducers or heavy-duty cradle-chain drive with shaft mount reducer
  • Guide wheels on one tire
  • 44W steel flights specially designed for each section of the drum
  • Recycled asphalt overhead entry with by-pass chute for calibration
  • Flanged injection pipe directs asphalt to the start of mixing section


  • Exhaust air discharge housing with flanged duct outlet opening
  • Large plenum knock-out box reduces air velocity as it exits drum and returns larger particles to the drum
  • Burner & Control System:
  • Hauck Starjet or Ecostar burner c/w required CSA modifications
  • Hauck Burner Control Panel c/w required CSA modifications
  • Available pre-piped oil manifold c/w required CSA modifications
  • Available natural gas or propane manifolds c/w required CSA modifications


  • Unit sand-blasted, cleaned and coated with WRT yellow urethane paint
  • Drum painted black with high-heat resistant paint
  • WRT Drum Mixers are compatible with warm mix systems including foaming and additives

Available Options:

  • Tarmac Tri-Mix Warm Mix Injection Systems
  • Improves liquid AC coating
  • Lowers mix temperatures to reduce fuel cost
  • Helps reduce blue smoke pollution
  • Standard controls with optional PLC controls
  • AC pipe nozzle package with heat jacketing and compressed air purging
  • Booster connection, where necessary
  • Single axle booster
  • Hauck Ecostar II burner c/w required CSA modifications
  • Hauck BCS6000-NG Burner Control Panel c/w required CSA modifications
  • Hauck low-NOX burner to meet extreme emissions
  • Tecweigh belt scale on slinger conveyor
  • Power/control cable package
  • Chassis foundation base plates (full width) for solid support of frame
  • Hydraulic levelling system complete with hydraulic power pack that includes motor, pump, reservoir and hydraulic oil
  • Liquid asphalt steel pipe into the drum mixer from asphalt storage tank

Drum Dimension (ft.) Capacity
5.5 x 28 140 STPH / 125 MTPH²
6.5 x 32 195 STPH / 175 MTPH²
7 x 38 250 STPH / 225 MTPH
8 x 41 300 STPH / 270 MTPH
8.5 x 45 365 STPH / 330 MTPH
9.5 x 45 440 STPH / 400 MTPH

(¹) These are nominal capacity ratings based on 5% moisture removal, no RAP addition, and NAPA recommended maximum air flows. Rates can generally be increased with the addition of RAP material and with custom exhaust handling design. Larger drum sizes are available as relocatable or stationary plants. Contact WRT Equipment to size an asphalt drum mixer to your specific needs.
(²) Available as unitized drum and baghouse configurations
Note: WRT manufactures both portable and stationary asphalt drum mixers